‘No one man knows everything. No one man can do everything!’


As we progress through school, career and life in general, sometimes we get lost or lose focus of the main goal. For some they just meditate to get back up and while others listen to their favorite song, walk or even go and speak to their mentor.


Now you must be wondering why should I care about a mentor? What purpose or benefit do I get from having one? Why should I tell them that I need help? Well I have some news for you, YOU HAVE BEEN MENTORED FOR A WHILE!!!


Here is the definition of a mentor according to the Oxford Dictionary - An experienced and trusted adviser. With this definition who are the first people that come to mind ? Mum and dad ? Big brother ? Cousin ? Uncle ? Auntie ? Grandparents ? Older from the area ?


Now you get the picture let’s breakdown the benefits of having a mentor for your school, job or careers goals.


  1. LEARN FROM THE EXPERIENCE OF OTHERS- You gain a better perspective on mistakes and opportunities from the experience of others who have been in similar situations, which could then allow you to make better decisions when facing the same scenarios.

  2. NETWORKING - Your network is your net worth. You can find out about forthcoming opportunities before anyone else as a result of having a mentor or be introduced to a person you may be interested in.

  3. ENCOURAGEMENT - Even the most confident person needs that encouragement from time to time. Sharing your plans for the future with your mentor could reveal to you the best person to encourage you.

  4. BENEFITS TO MENTORS - You can pass something onto your mentor that can change their perspective on an existing problem or help them to improve in an area they may have struggled in.


Hope the benefits of being mentored listed above have changed your views on mentoring for the better.

In the next post I will show to look at the character of a mentor.  

Written by @OIJeffrey [Twitter]