With every new beginning something must end, my time at my role has now come to an end, and to be frank I am so excited for what the future holds. I have been at my role for 15 months (if you include my final month at my role), some may say I have been at my role for a short while, but the nature of my role exposed me to so much that, the short time I was there seemed like years.

Exposed to facilitation (fancy way of being a teacher, with personality), working with famous clients, speaking on panels about subjects I had only started to understand the terminologies weeks ago, to facilitating sessions towards corporates and to young people.


I have learnt so much so I decided to share my top tips that have helped me to get my role as well as transition to new roles I am under qualified for.

  1. ANYTHING CAN BE LEARNED - you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t know something, you have Google, YouTube, and any other resources you can get your hands on, once you understand it, doesn’t become scary. Jargon is the biggest one.

  2. ALWAYS HAVE AN END GOAL - No car drives aimlessly it always need a end location same with life and financial goals, for example; you may want to be rich, but rich in what way? What field? By when? Sit down write down what you like, and how you can make money from it, then build from there.

  3. NETWORKING - attend events that are in your particular field of interest, there are so many sites that cater to events, Eventbrite, meetup, twitter and even Facebook. Go there with the mindset to let people know you are interested in the field and collect emails and contact information, from there set up meetings with them to get more insight.

  4. FAIL FAST - this is a key mantra, don’t be afraid to fail, everyone fails, Thomas Edison failed so many times on his journey to create the lightbulb, so what reason do you have to fear failure and learn from it.

Hopefully these tips were helpful to you, as I will continue to put these tips into practise all the time so that I can make a real difference.  

Written by @OIJeffrey [Twitter]